Who we are

ESTRATEGO is a company dedicated to the B2B and B2C value adding and business developing, through the implementation of the most appropriate action plans for each specific need within the different strategic areas of the company.

Strategic Areas of Action

ESTRATEGO treat the companies from a 360º perspective, acting within the different strategic areas of the company in order to boost its business development and value adding.

Our main areas of action include the following:


Our values

ESTRATEGO aim is to create, consolidate and maintain long time, Win-Win relationships with their clients and partners, helping them at all times to add value to their companies and to develop their business.

ESTRATEGO accepts and assumes the challenges of its clients as its own, but undertakes not to accept improperly focused jobs, as well as those of which there are doubts about being able to carry them out properly and satisfactorily.

Our goal is your success.

Our services

Our services, which are modular and scalable, adapt to the needs of each case and are appropriate for all kind of companies, of small, medium or big size.

Our clients

The range of services offered by ESTRATEGO makes its range of potential customers very broad. ESTRATEGO works for manufacturing companies, having their own products range, companies making bespoke / custom-made products, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, service companies, etc.

Quality of service

Our main goal is offering to our clients the best quality of service for their total satisfaction.

We at ESTRATEGO are an extension of your company. Because of this, our team is always oriented with the priorities and company policy of our clients.

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