Corporate Coaching

The services we offer within the Corporate Coaching area consist of a process aimed at achieving the optimization of the resources of the company, in all its strategic areas, in order to achieve its transformation.

We build a consistent and predictable structure for your company. We offer a wide range of tailor made services, both for small and medium-sized businesses, for the construction of business solutions for any situation or challenge that you may face in your company.

We instruct, train and accompany your Management Team in their day-to-day activities and on the way to achieving their goals, helping them to develop the specific skills necessary to achieve them.

With our training programs, we will help you to increase your income and benefits, improve the market value of your company and build an organization that works for you, obtaining a new perspective of which is not working properly at your company and the reason why. We will analyse the changes necessary to obtain short and medium-term results, as well as to achieve a long-term transformation.

We will stop you from being a slave to your company, making it that your business will work for you.

GENERATIONAL RELIEF: In the Coaching area, we at ESTRATEGO also offer specific services and programs for the complicated and delicate process of generational relief, when the management and direction of a long established company is in a moment of change, with the company Management changing from one generation to the next.

Taking advantage of the best that both parties have to offer, experience, maturity and serenity on the one had side, and energy enthusiasm and new techniques and procedures on the other, we accompany and guide both parties in the progressive transition process, training them in those areas where there could be deficiencies or opportunities for improvement.

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