Digital Marketing

ESTRATEGO offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing approach, working in the different areas of action that will improve the visibility of your company in the net. We offer campaign services with implementation, launching and follow-up in though the Social Media, SEO and paid publicity channels.

The main Digital Marketing services that we offer are:

  • SEO Campaigns.
  • Local SEO.
  • WordPress SEO ready.
  • Google Ads publicity.
  • Google shopping
  • Social Media Automation
  • Community Management

SEO Campaigns

We offer you a specialized and multi-disciplinary team that will work on all aspects of SEO (web positioning on Google) in order to make it grow in qualified traffic and with a high sales conversion rate.

The qualified traffic achieved through SEO has much higher conversion rates than those achieved by regular online advertising channels, with its recurrence being more stable and prolonged over time and making it possible for your company to position itself in the TOP3 of your sector online level (Google).

SEO Local

This service is aimed to freelancers and local SME’s. It is not necessary to have a website to contract a local SEO service.

This is a service specialized in local Google positioning: region, city and neighbourhood. Achieves the appearance on the local geo-localized search in terms of “near me” / “nearby”.

Through the implementation of a correctly configured GMB, you will be able to appear, and even monopolize all the local searches associated with your sector of activity.

The local SEO service greatly increases visits to online stores.

Wordpress SEO Ready

It is an exclusive service for websites created with WordPress. We do the setup in the domain with the implementation and SEO optimization, because before working on the SEO of a web page, the project must have a solid SEO base.

This service provides everything you need to get your project well positioned on Google. We configure the SEO parameters inside and outside the domain in its optimal state. We improve the loading time of your website.

Google Ads Publicity

We offer here all the necessary integral service for an advertising campaign aimed at selling products and services from Google Adwords, including conversion tracking settings in WordPress or Prestashop, as well as configuration in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Merchants Centre.

We also include the set-up of the campaign, A / B tests of the ads and option of remarketing for Network Display.

In this fully paid advertising service, we implement, configure, review and improve the campaign month after month in order to maintain a growing ROI.

Google Shopping

The Google Shopping campaign is the recommended plan for low and middle-range investments. Ideal for product catalogues.

It is the ideal way to attract traffic to your website from social networks. Campaign deployment includes the audience targeting and ad design.

Ideal to get more followers of your brand in social networks and to derive traffic to your website.

Social Media Automation

It serves to improve the presence of your company in the social networks through an automation campaign with search parameters, interests and user affinities in networks.

We assure a progressive and continued increase of new, segmented and quality followers. Followers 100% real. Active users with real interest in the products and services advertised by your company.

Cost-effective service for sustained growth on social networks, applied to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Community Management

It is a service of expansion and growth in social networks.

We create effective inbound marketing strategies to generate and work the brand identity of your company, increasing its presence in the social networks, increasing its followers and the interactions of those with the brand and showing a friendly and controlled image of the purposes and virtues of your company.

The Community Management acts as a benefactor of the brand on the Internet and is a solvent shield to cut potential conflicts in the network between the consumer and the company.

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